Double your e-commerce profits with this little known secret that gives you more traffic and higher margins...

You'll learn how you can semi-automate your e-commerce site to attract motivated buyers and increase your margins:

Upper your profit with higher margins
Every day e-commerce owners chime out a lot of money in ads that are eating the margins. There is a way to stop the madness...
Save money - by using semi-automation
You use semi-automation in all of your life. Your washing machine, your cell phone and your car are all semi-automations. Why not use that to save money and time in your e-commerce daily life?
Get people to love you and your products
When people love your products, they'll buy. It's as simple as that. (And you'll make even more.)
The all new book and course will launch in February 2020. It contains what you need to do in order to beat your competition in the race for the buyer hungry customers. - A secret revealed.

Pick into Google's ever lasting supply of motivated buyers - and give yourself a profit raise!


Every day a multitude of buyers search in Google and other places for a solution to their problems. A solution you have, as a product in your online store. - Here's an unusal way to tap into that stream of customers - and save money at the same time. Bacause you don't need ads...


You don't even have to figure out WHAT to do. Because it's all laid out for you. You get to know what to do, and when to do it. 


The new course and book are both still in the making. But it's going live in February, and it will be a race to get it first. So join the waiting list and get an email immediately when it goes live:

It's a very little known secret I call "pre-framing Content Hub" that will help you tap into Google's never ending supply of motivated buyers. When you tap into that source, you'll be able to sell more than ever before - without ads that kills your margins.

Automated Commerce is the step by step process you need to do to increase your profits - by raising your margins and increasing the flow of buyer happy customers.

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"Extremely good search engine optimization! The site turned up on Top 10 in Google within a few days on all the optimized phrases. Recommended!"
David Myrvold

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