Automated Commerce - smart SEO strategies for ecommerce

Therefor you should listen to Automated Commerce:

AutomatedCommerce is all about helping you get higher margins and more traffic to your e-commerce.

You have to tap into the endless stream of free customers from Google. Take it from your competitors. And then combine it with smart strategies for warming up leads and get the sell.

That will make it much more FUN to run a e-commerce...

If you would like to:

- find ways to get customers for free
- get a steady stream of buyer hungry people
- understand how you can convince them to buy - without them ever realising you told them that

...then you would like to know what Automated Commerce is all about.

Automated Commerce is owned by Preben Olsen. And that's me. I've been doing online marketing for more than 15 years, and very early started to master the art of Search Engine Optimization. That means to get Google to promote your stuff, for free...

For many years I've helped small and bigger companies to attract buyer hungry customers directly from Google. And that have been so fun!

Many times customers were surprised they could get those kind of results so fast!

Right now I am writing a book and making a video course to help e-commerce owners tap into the same steady stream of traffic, and get results reasonable fast. Without the big costs. 

I'm an expert in smart search engine optimization. It's NOT just about getting better rankings. It is about getting better results; More profit.

Who are we?

You need more traffic and higher margins to really profit from your e-commerce, and that is what we help you with. 

As simple as that. 

Preben Olsen Sangvik 
E-commerce helper

Telefon: +47 90192708
  • 15+ years as SEO expert and digital marketer
  • Helping small and big companies with getting cheaper and motivated buyers
  • Especially good at strategic systems
  • Bachelor in entrepreneurship and economics
  • A lot of hands on experience from many different niches